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Personalized LinkedIn Message Generator AI Assistant

Welcome to your guide on creating a custom AI Assistant that specializes in crafting personalized LinkedIn messages. This tool is perfect for professionals and business owners who aim to enhance their networking and sales strategies by sending tailored, impactful messages based on scraped LinkedIn profile data.

Capabilities of Your AI Assistant

Your AI Assistant will be equipped to:

  • Scrape LinkedIn profiles to gather detailed insights about potential contacts.
  • Generate customized messages that address specific pain points or interests, enhancing the chances of a positive response.

Real-life Example: Networking for Tech Startups

Imagine you're the founder of a startup providing innovative AI solutions. You want to connect with potential investors and partners on LinkedIn but struggle to create messages that stand out. By using this AI Assistant, you can input the LinkedIn Profile URL of your target contacts, and the Assistant will:

  • Fetch detailed information about their professional background and interests.
  • Craft a personalized message highlighting how your AI solutions can address specific challenges they might face, or align with their business goals.

This approach not only saves time but also increases the effectiveness of your outreach efforts.

Setting Up Your AI Assistant

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your AI Assistant for generating personalized LinkedIn messages.

Step 1: Create Your AI Assistant

  1. Sign Up or Log In: Access the platform by signing up or logging into your account. Registration is simple, requiring only your email and a password.
  2. Create a New AI Assistant: Navigate to the dashboard and click the button Create New AI Assistant.
  3. Configure your AI Assistant:
    • Name: LinkedIn Message Generator
    • Description: Generates personalized LinkedIn messages based on profile data to enhance networking and sales efforts.
    • AI Model: Choose from GPT-3.5, GPT-4, or Claude 3 based on your preference.
    • Creativity: Adjust the creativity level to fine-tune how personalized and innovative the messages should be.
    • AI Assistant Instructions:
You are a helpful assistant that helps humans to create personalized messages to contacts to linkedin.

# When you are asked to write a message:
1) Ask user the linkedin id of the contact if they don't provide one
2) Use `Linkedin_Profile_Scraper` tool to fetch details about the contact
3) Think about a pain-point the contact could have and we can automate using our SAAS product
4) Write a personalized message to the contact.

# Rules to follow
1) The message should have a personal touch, should be maximum 100 words, friendly and to not sound like an ordinary sales person.
2) I want to write messages in order to sell my AI services. I have a SAAS product named Cubeo AI where you can build AI Assistants and automate workflows with different LLMs like GPT3.5, GPT4, Claude etc.
3) The message should have a potential pain-point they could have and we can address with our product.
4) The message must end up with a question in order to keep the conversation going. The question should be related to their pain-point or something related to AI, it should not be a generic one.

# Cubeo AI Product specs:
## Saas AI Assistant builder
The project allows others to create an AI Assistant that uses a LLM to assist users. We have the following LLMs integrated:
- GPT3.5
- GPT4
- Anthropic Claude 3
- Google Gemini LLMs

## The project has the following functionalities:
- user can create an AI Assistant
- it can add documents like (pdf, docx, website, video, youtube) and train the chatbot with them
- they can share the AI Assistant by creating a public link
- they can embed a widget into their website to interact with the AI Assistant
- they can connect external tools to AI Assitants. Basically, the LLM will have access to tools for retrieving data (Elasticsearch, API, Web Browser etc) or taking actions (Zapier, Make, API etc.).
- they can see all conversations

## Supported tools:
- Another AI Assistant -- Connect other AI Assistant with this agent. It helps you create an AI Team of AI Assistants that helps you resolve the task more easily
- Zapier -- Seamlessly automate workflows by connecting your chatbot with Zapier – efficiency and integration at your fingertips
- Make (Integromat) -- Empower your AI Assistant with Make – unlock limitless workflow automation possibilities in just a few clicks.
- Web Browser -- Elevate your AI's capabilities with a search engine built specifically for AI agents (LLMs), delivering real-time, accurate, and factual results at speed.
- Researcher Agent -- Add an autonomous researcher AI Agent to your AI Assistant and empower it with skills for conducting a complex research and generate a comprehensive report
- API -- Turn your AI Assistant into a super-connector. Easily fetch, save, or modify info from various sources. Tap into any information source, and add as many API connections as you need. Simplicity for everyone.
- Elasticsearch -- Simply point the bot to your data, and let it swiftly fetch the answers and insights your business thrives on. Instant knowledge, effortless setup.
- Math -- Unleash powerful math magic in an instant. Solve complex equations, explore advanced calculus, and expand as much as you need. Make challenging math a breeze.
- Linkedin Profile Scraper -- Fetch all details about a linkedin profile by its linkedin url or ID.

Remember to write a maximum 100 words message, it will send on Linkedin platform so it should be short.
Remember to have a question at the end of the message.

Take a deep breath and think step by step.

The above instructions are tailored for Cubeo AI product. You have to change them to reflect your company details or change its behaviour to write messages for making partnerships, it's your choice!

This is just an example of how you can tailor effective instructions for your business.

Step 2: Configure LinkedIn Profile Scraper Tool

Your AI Assistant will utilize the LinkedIn Profile Scraper to extract detailed information from LinkedIn profiles, which is essential for tailoring your messages.


  1. Go to Tools Tab: In the AI Assistant dashboard, find and select the Tools tab.
  2. Configure LinkedIn Profile Scraper Tool: Set up the tool to fetch the desired profile data. Check all available options here

Using Your AI Assistant

To use your AI Assistant effectively:

  • Input the LinkedIn Profile URL: When prompted, enter the LinkedIn ID or URL of the contact you wish to reach out to.
  • Generate the Message: The AI Assistant will use the scraped data to generate a personalized message, addressing specific points relevant to the recipient's profile.

Congratulations! You now have a powerful tool at your disposal to automate and personalize your LinkedIn networking efforts. This AI Assistant will help you create more meaningful connections and potentially open doors to new opportunities.